Big Changes at Alchemy Moon



Lots of things happening under the hood at Alchemy Moon – if you go to the Website you will notice that it is something of a bleak affair! This is because it is down at the moment while I do an annual rethink. 

I thought the faithful Moonies would appreciate knowing what is in my mind during this dark phase of the Moon. 

Well, there is a great deal on my mind. Plenty of exciting new projects being launched and plenty being developed too!

But there is also a new philosophy emerging, and I will talk about that first. 

I have something of a reputation for chopping and changing, god knows how many forums I have created, burnt down and rebuilt, how many times the website has been taken down and redeveloped, then there are all the blogs, the doomed wiki experiment, and God knows what else. The only thing that seems consistent is my lack of empathy with twitter. 

The truth is, I have something of a restless spirit, I am always looking at new ideas; new ways of doing thing. It is the curse of the creative mind. But each ‘great’ new idea leave the burnt wreckage of the old one. Only a few very faithful have the patience to follow me through the debris to the latest spiderweb of ideas. 

Someone emailed me recently, the email started with. ‘How the hell do I order from Alchemy Moon? You must be the most difficult company to get in touch with!’ The frustration in the message was genuine and palpable. 

So the first thing that I am engaged in is a rationalization of the whole Alchemy Moon Empire. The aim being to produce a simple and stable integrated platform. 

The main two prongs of this will be the Website and the Forum

The basic idea is that these are the only two places that you will ever need to go to. 

The forum is the place to go to get the latest news, to interact and to get additional content. 

The website will be a very simple shop-front and the place to go to put in an order. 

So my hope is that most of my customers dwell on the forum and then pop over to the shop when they want to order something. 

We will still have a Pinterest site. A Facebook Site and this blog. But I see these as just ways of driving people back home to the forum. 

The Forum is also the best way to contact me – sending me a pm there will ensure that it is seen and responded to quickly, as I check it every day. 

So, the forum is the hub – it is the place to go to keep up to date, to hang out and get additional stuff. 

To emphasise this, the forum will also be incorporated into the shop, so theoretically everything can be done from the one site.  

I simply do not have time to keep my eye on other forums, twitter, facebook and all of the other stuff. So I am hoping to get the message out and drive people to the forum to find out what is happening on the Moon.

Hopefully, everyone will find this system stable, simple and intuitive. 



The Devil’s Library

As I recall Dr Corbeau had in his possession an extensive library of miniature books. These tiny artefacts held a peculiar fascination for me. Yet he would not let me near them swearing that damnation would be my due and that the burden was his alone. 
So it was with the aid of a handkerchief doused in laudanum and some degree of nocturnal stealth that I ventured to discover their secrets….. 

The Devils library is a collection of ideas bound in tiny books, each no bigger than a deck of poker cards. Each book is unique and holds it’s own peculiar secret; each tome a gateway to a disturbing tale of the supernatural. Each book is a wonderfully crafted piece of dark art, building into a library of the macabre.

The first Volume; ‘Roland’s Tale’.

A tale of love that transcends death. A tale of intimacy, separation and reunion in spirit.

A story is told of your great grandfather Roland and his wife Beatrice, and the strange telepathic experiments they would conduct with an ordinary pack of playing cards. Cruel death played the final hand and Roland never returned from his service in the war. However, not even death could separate two souls so intimately bound.

The routine: The Performer hands over a curious old book to his mesmerized audience. He announces that this is the very deck of cards that his two ancestors used. The pack has an eerie quality to it and only the less sensitive are prepared to inspect it’s secrets. An ordinary deck of cards, except two are missing, one card lies in Beatrice’s petrified hand as she lies in her grave. The other card…well, like Roland, it just is not there anymore.

Perhaps there is someone brave enough to join the performer in using the cards to re-enact the same game once played by the strange couple?

In conducting the experiments, not only does the volunteer medium deal two significant cards which whisper to her the final thoughts of the two parted lovers, but upon turning, the cards are discovered to be Roland and Beatrice’s special cards, though to be missing from the deck – what is more the spirits of the two have clearly left a message.

This is a multi phased routine with a surprise discovery. A tale to engage the audience’s emotions and present them with perplexing evidence that death may not be the end of love.

Sneak preview – Kadar Poker Cards.


Here is a sneaky preview of a project that I am working on at the moment in collaboration with the wonderful Tao Magic.

The aim is to make an un-regular deck of poker cards from the Kadar concept.

So you will be able to play poker with them – although I am not sure what the Kadri think of gambling…  you could end up a millionaire, or….. well you will just have to find out for yourself!

You will also be able to perform any existing card trick using them. They will be professionally printed on bicycle stock.  So, is this the first Alchemy Moon product where you can effect a double lift? I think it may be……

The cards will be put out in three versions.

1. Cardman’s version. This is the version that most people will get to hear about. Hey, it’s a deck of weird cards for your collection. But, these little fellas are fun too – it’s like having 52 ‘Mystic 8 Balls’ in your pocket (imagine that for a moment!). Nothing too deep, have fun!

2. The ‘Closed Eye’ Deck. It has been common knowledge among card historians that it is the humble playing cards that were used for ‘fortune telling’ not the Tarot, the use of the Tarot for telling fortunes only goes back a century or two. So I wanted to get back to the old gypsy fortune-teller deck with this. In this incarnation the cards will be used for pure ‘fortune telling’ a sort of western IChing is what I have in mind. Those of you who have used the IChing will know that somehow, it works! Preliminary testing of the Kadar cards are revealing the same kind of synchronistic mechanism at work. No tricks, pure reading.

3. The Magicians Deck. Shhh, this is top-secret and only for magicians – so keep your ‘magicians code’ intact, we don’t want the other guys knowing the secret. But, yes the cards are marked and this gives you the one ahead. It is instant hot reading, it works every time and is so powerful an idea that I cannot wait to get this out. Imagine asking someone to write down everything about themselves, who they think they are, all these past experiences, future hopes and fears and so forth – you read this, then get them to forget that they ever wrote it. The cards work to that level of power. Believe me, you will not need anything else to achieve the deepest reading possible. I guarantee you will throw all those Tarot decks aside.

On top of this, remember this is also a regular deck of cards, so you can use any existing card mechanic, or trick but invest it with deep personal meaning for the people you are performing to. No longer need you be so boring as to say, ‘were you thinking of this card?’ You can now force a predetermined idea that will have real meaning for the audience.

As you can see, I am very excited about this.

As with the Sanctum lodge, there are different levels or chapters of initiation. The final level is a full book explaining all of the systems, both closed and open eye.

Now you know why I have been so busy.

As to the artistic style. My original idea was to make them look cheap and nasty, the sort of thing that you may pick up in a disreputable fun fair, something will a little 40’s kitsch.

However, my old love of ‘silver age’ comics rose to the surface, and soon I was channelling ‘Jolly’ Jack Kirby.  I have yet to find a magician who is not also a comic fan, so it should all work out just fine…

I will tease with another image soon!

Where U Bin?



Contrary to the rumours, I am not dead.

I have been very busy and have been working on a few big private commissions.  

Also, working on at least 12 different projects at the same time. So loads of new seed sprouting, but not harvest time yet.

I am also working with the wonderful Magic Tao on producing ideas for regular Poker Cards, yup – Alchemy Moon goes mainstream!

Some great ideas coming from my collaboration with Moonskin too.  There is just too much to tell you all about that I need to chunk it down. So I have made a promise with the Kadri that I will be a little more active on the blog and forums and the AM Facebook page. 

I have earned a reputation for being somewhat elusive. This is not really intended, it is just that every hour of the day seems to be taken up with either making up orders or thinking, writing and drawing up new ideas. 

So I have a plan to keep in touch with you all. 

My aim is to post a daily diary on the AM facebook page – the idea is a personal diary about what I am working on, thinking about or just random thoughts. So, I am going to do this as if I am talking to myself. So if you want to eavesdrop on my somewhat schizophrenic conversation with myself – you know where to go. 

Also, I will be using the Facbook page as a sort of Ebay. I have quite a few bits and pieces that I simply have not gotten around to selling anywhere. One off’s, experimental pieces and things that I did for the hell of it. So periodically, I will put these up here. 

So the aim is that there will be something to check out each day on Facebook, even if it is a little odd.

Then I will use this blog to put up regular updates; a digest without all of the random mad stuff. 

I will also cross post this on the Alchemy Moon Forum

The Alchemy Moon forum will be the place to go if you want to talk to me directly (far better than email, or trying to talk to me on the Cafe, or some other bizarre idea). It is also the place to go to talk to other users of AM artefacts. Also the place to go to get updates and additional materials. Finally, the forum will be used to give a detailed breakdown of new projects with photos, and (hopefully) videos. 

I am also working on a new online shop! Why? Well the old one isn’t really working. It seems to me that all activity is through social media and personal contact. I think fewer and fewer people actually visit websites anymore. So the shop will be a very simple stripped down ‘this is where you order from’ affair.


Then there is the Pinterest site!  I will use this to just show off! Here I will just upload visuals of my work, both magical and my own artwork too. No explanation, just eye candy. 

Finally, all of this will be digested and organised into a more regular newsletter (honest!). So if you want it all in one big chunk make sure that you are on the newsletter. If you are not on the list, just pm me on the AM Forum

Ok, so that is the overview, now we can get on with the fun stuff. 

Be sure to look here tomorrow, as I will posting about the New Kadar Poker Cards, with a first taster of what they will look like!

You will like….. 

Moonskin Waxes


It is with some degree of excitement that I would like to welcome Moonskin to Alchemy Moon.
I have been working with this rather reclusive craftswoman for some time – initially on a couple of commissions for my own private collection, and then on some work for Alchemy Moon Artefacts. Her work is simply stunning and fits right in with Alchemy Moon’s ethos of producing magic which is also art.

I will be adding new work to the Moonskin stall on a regular basis, so keep checking in.
Also, remember that all of the work is individually made, and therefore something off a one off.

So if you want something – it really is a case of the first person to hit the paypal button wins the prize!
However, you can always order the same item for the same price, as well as commissioning your own work.

Go HERE  to find out more

There are some many wonderful piece to add to your collection.


Sailors Purse is now available!


I think that is fair to say that when Alchemy Moon eventually gestates a new Elite Item, it is worth the wait. I know that many people have been waiting a long time for this. 

The problem is, I endlessly tweak, get new inspirations, want to try out other variations, refine it through performance….. then I realise that a few years have flow by. 

But you also know that is going to be something special.

How special?

Go take a look!

Playing Card Wraps.

DSC_0082You know all those playing card decks that you have that are printed to look…well, old.

Well, do you feel embarrassed getting them out of a box with a barcode on?!

Alchemy Moon to the Rescue!

Here we have a range of rather beautiful card wraps, exclusively designed and individually hand mad by Moonskin.

These are close to what cards would have been carried in the dim and mythic past.

They really do look fantastic and are simply the best way for the performer of mysteries to carry his or her Tarot, Happy Families, Lenormand, or the Cards of the Four Worlds (otherwise known as ‘poker cards’!).

As all of these are hand-made, you can have them off the peg, or you can wait a little longer and have your own personalised set made – this can be to your own size or specifications or can have your own monogram tooled or branded into the leather.

The first case is a prototype of a Poker Card case, with the magicians monogram –  It is designed to look good with the AA case (see earlier post).

The next three are the poker card wraps, in different tones.

The next three are examples of the larger Tarot Wraps.

I know that the demand for these are going to outstrip Moonskin’s ability to produce them, as they take her some time to make. So, they will be going onto The Website sometime next month.

However, I want my regular customers and forum contributors to have fist chance at owning them. So, if you are one of those people you know where to find me!

….oh, yeah and if you are worried that the cases will make your cards look too new or false – well, Alchemy Moon are on the case with that too!



The first batch of sets are now up for grabs on the Alchemy Moon Forum – strictly first come first served.

***Go Here***